REhoUSE Ostuni is a lifestyle, it’s a concept, it’s such a way to live that pull the creativity out of the brain according to a sustainable use of the materials.

The REhoUSE Ostuni project doesn’t want to be a exhibition of pride through the bricolage. It is just an example between the many creative expressions of style, of reuse and mixing of materials that normally don’t have anything in common but the present state, which is just being a scrap.

The choise of the materials is very relevant as most of them come from the nature such as glass, iron and above all wood, and in case of plastic materials their use in the REhoUSE is limited. So bottles become lights accessories, car scraps become useful details, pallets and industrial spool become almost everything… This choise entails different aspects:
1) stimulate creativity;
2) save money;
3) preserve the environment.

In the end we say do things with what you have, or what can be available for free.

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